Step2Fit is coach's most efficient tool. With the service you can handle nutrition coaching, measurement bookkeeping, training programs and the whole client communication fast, easy and from a single platform.

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Step2Fit service includes:

Nutrition programs

Manage your clients' nutrition programs and update them directly to their mobile devices via the app. Managing programs does not get any easier than this!

Own meals

Your clients can use Step2Fit app's nutrient library to plan their own meals. Meals can be saved to the app for future use.

Results monitoring

Whether it's weight, resting heartbeat, slept time or any other measureble result, you can monitor them together with your client via the app.

Coaching calendar

You can add training day events, common meetings and resting days to your client's coaching calendar. Your client can also mark them completed.

Comprehensive communication

Send and receive messages and images from your clients and groups via the app. No more SMS and instant messaging hassle, but all communication from the same platform!

Training programs

With Step2Fit you can plan and deliver training programs to your clients mobile phones in a jiffy. You can also monitor your clients progression via the service.


Enable your clients to keep a training diary which you can survey from the service. Diary notes can also contain images in addition to text!

Flexible pricing

Pricing of the service is based on the number of coachable clients.

Base price 10 € / month (incl. 1 client)
2-20 clients, 4 € / client
21-40 clients, 3,5 € / client
41-75 clients, 3 € / client
76-150 clients, 2,5 € / client
151-300 clients, 1,5 € / client
over 300 clients 1,25 € / client

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